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Tiffany Lewis
I understand the raise in menu prices. I have seen such a jump in minimum order amount that it's just not doable any more. Especially when it's just one person trying to eat and your right around the corner. I'm not able to walk well so that's why delivery is important. Gas prices go down and delivery costs go up. used to order quite a bit. Sorry.
Shirley Joy
We love your food and the help and pleasant way they answer my questions. T
sabra kovar
I just wanted to send a quick email. I order food from your restaurant pretty often and the quality of the food is always great. But Im frustrated because over half of the time its delivered way past the time I was quoted on the phone. For example tonight, I ordered food at 6:00 and was told it would be delivered in 45 mins. Well the food was delivered at 7:25 which puts it at 40 minutes late. And this is the second time Ive ordered and it was over 30 minutes late. I dont see why Im being charged full price when the food is never delivered on time. And the food was barely warm tonight when it did arrive. Dont you guys ever do anything for your customers when we wait an extra 40 minutes for food?
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